Skin Fitness Program

Skin Fitness Program


Advanced Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to providing all of your Skin Care and Cosmetic needs. Our Skin Fitness Program was designed to provide you with a comprehensive, customized approach for a more beautiful, radiant complexion. We have developed programs to improve skin tone, texture and complexion. Our Skin Fitness Program can help you to maintain attractive, healthy skin or specifically treat sun damage, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), fine lines, and mild acne and acne scarring. Under the supervision of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, our nurse and esthetician will work with you to develop a personalized skin care routine that encompasses every aspect of skin fitness, from cleansing to facial enhancement to cosmetics.


The program includes:

  • A personalized consultation to examine and analyze your skin.
  • Development of an individualized home care program designed for each patient.
  • Continuous monitoring of your progress by our Skin Care Specialist.
  • In-office treatments to provide additional enhancement or stimulation.
  • A continued maintenance program.

The following procedures are offered as part of a Comprehensive Skincare Program. During your initial consultation our Plastic Surgeon will help you determine which treatment or treatments will best meet your needs.

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