Facial Procedures

Facial Procedures

Facial procedures

Eyelid Surgery
Nose & Chin Reshaping
Non Surgical Procedures

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery offers several different facial cosmetic surgery procedures, including facelifts, eyelid lifts and nose or chin reshaping. All cosmetic surgery procedures will enhance and improve a patient’s overall appearance, but facial procedures are especially good at restoring a youthful look. A younger looking face significantly impacts not only how you feel, but also how others perceive you. For this reason, facial cosmetic surgery procedures, as well as non surgical facial procedures, are some of the most commonly sought-after enhancements that we perform.

We understand the sensitive nature of your questions and concerns regarding facial cosmetic surgery procedures. We offer private consultations to guide you through the full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures available, as well as offer detailed explanations of before and after plastic surgery pictures. Facial procedures are highly unique and individualized surgeries, but as with all of the cosmetic surgery procedures we offer, they are usually out-patient surgeries that typically do not require an overnight stay.

Dr. Hricko is a board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in facial plastic surgery. We invite you to view our photo gallery and encourage you to schedule a private consultation with Dr Hricko to see if a cosmetic facial procedure is right for you.

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