Liposuction And Skin Contraction

LiposuctionThe ability for the skin to contract following liposuction is often a concern that is overlooked by the average person. However, plastic surgeons are concerned about skin contraction when evaluating technology to use for the procedure and optimal candidates for the liposuction procedure. It makes sense that when fat deposits are removed, something must occur to the skin in order for the skin to fit tightly over the reduced fat location. Let’s find out how.

The technology used in liposuction may assist in skin contraction. Whether through the thermal techniques or the tumescent technique, trauma, even minimal, to the skin which results from the use of the equipment helps to stimulate the collagen process. An enhanced collagen process assists in supporting skin firmness. Skin tone and condition is also a factor in skin contraction. The likelihood that skin will contract is affected by the quality of the skin. For example, the appearance of stretch marks may signify a risk for inadequate skin contraction.

Skin that appears loose, skin folds, skin bands and rippling may result on rare occasions following liposuction. Yet, there are solutions to assist in skin contraction for liposuction, including:

Diet: Organic and whole grain foods are vital in assisting skin quality. This includes, steamed vegetables, fruits, poultry fish, nuts, and sunflower seeds.

Exercise: Exercise has a positive impact on skin, the largest organ of the body. Exercise enhances circulation and the delivery or oxygen and other nutrients to the skin cells. Exercise also fights off toxins.

Skin Hydration: Skin hydration largely depends upon diet, exercise and water intake. Moisturizers help maintain current hydration.

Surgical Excision: People that undergo liposuction and result with skin that appears loose or has skin folds may benefit from surgical excision. This is particularly true for people that have experienced massive weight loss.

For these reasons, the skin contraction factor does not usually prevent people from being a candidate for liposuction. The benefits of reduced fat often outweigh the slight risk of poor skin contraction. In the final analysis, the risk for poor skin contraction is very low because of the advantages provided in today’s technology and techniques.

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