Patient Testimonials


Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
The facility is physically and psychologically comfortable. All the staff knows who you are and are very knowledgeable. I was well informed about what to expect the first few days after surgery.


Botox Cosmetic™
I like the way my forehead looks without so many lines. It opens up my whole face.


Breast Augmentation
Thank you so much for helping me with my surgery!  It is reassuring to know I can always depend on such a talented and skilled surgeon who truly cares about people. Also your staff are the best! You have an amazing team of people who are genuine and caring.


Breast Augmentation
I must say my regular doctors have complimented Dr. Hricko on my surgery. I also was very pleased with my experience…what a difference it made in my life. My being happier made my husband happier too. We can’t thank you enough.


Breast Augmentation
I feel sexy & confident with my new look. I also feel like my new breasts make me feel & look younger. (That’s always a good thing)… The advice I would give others considering this procedure is to wear sizers to make sure you’re getting the size you’re looking for, and talk to your doctor about the shape you’d like to achieve. I can honestly say everyone on the staff is very professional. They made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Very kind people who care. When they say no question is a dumb question, they meant it.

S. W

Breast Augmentation
The staff at ACS was informative, courteous and helpful. I personally feel that your service has no shortcomings. Thank you!


Breast Augmentation
I really appreciate everything you have done for me and your thoughtful, caring ways. You are all more like family than a doctor’s office and it is a very enjoyable experience every time I visit. You always make me feel special.


Breast Augmentation
After having children I went from an almost full “B” cup to not even filling an “A” cup. I hated wearing padded bras and not feeling right. After breast augmentation I felt much better about myself and my overall appearance. I would do it again in a heartbeat, a great decision for me and I know I chose the right doctor.


Breast Augmentation

I would like to pass along a heart felt thank you for a job extremely well done! It would be an understatement to say how unhappy I was with my breasts after the outcome of three prior breast surgeries. You have exceeded my expectations as I remain impressed with your dedication to your profession and your compassionate bedside manner! Your entire staff is fabulous and I have already begun singing your praises. Hopefully I will lead many others to your care and you will positively affect their lives as you have mine. I look forward to returning to your office for additional services.


Breast Augmentation with Lift
I am happier than ever with my appearance both with and without clothes since my procedure. My breasts look better than they did even before I had my child. I feel like my body is more “balanced” now. I would advise someone considering the same procedure to be completely sure and comfortable with the surgeon they choose and I would also say to be ready to have the patience and to put in the effort for recovery. Recovery was difficult for the first few weeks especially, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!
I have and will continue to describe Dr. Hricko and his staff as professional, caring, and in my opinion some of the best in their field.  From the moment I stepped into the office I felt comfortable and excited. Dr. Hricko was more thorough than other Dr.’s I had met with. He took more measurements, discussed more options, discussed the lift/a better was to do the lift with less scaring, he even had me look through magazines to help him get the clearest picture possible of what I was hoping to look like. Even though he said he “could not guarantee what my final results would look like”, he NAILED IT!! The care I received before, during, and following my procedure has been top-notch. I myself am in the healthcare field and would recommend this practice 110%. Choosing a plastic surgeon and going through with a cosmetic procedure is a big-deal and I can confidently say I am very pleased and content with my decision in choosing Dr. Hricko for my lift/augmentation.


Face Lift
I feel that I look younger and better and this gives me more confidence to do my selling job.


Facial Fillers
As a mature woman I was very pleased with the injectables fillers I have had done in several areas of my face. I feel that it has made a difference in my appearance and would highly recommend the procedure.


Facial Fillers
I was amazed that in less that a half hour I could look so much younger. Although there is some swelling, the down time is minimal and the results worth it.


Facial Fillers
It’s only been a day, but I look exactly like I feel – at least ten years younger. In a matter of an hour, my face went from shallow and droopy to youthful, contoured and glowing – my lips are absolutely perfect! I can’t believe how great I look!


Facial Rejuvenation
The Staff are extremely gracious and knowledgeable. The facility is peaceful, and comfortable with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. An excellent experience overall!


Facial Rejuvenation
Not only are you an amazing artist but also a positive life changer! Thank you, Dr. Hricko, for who you are and all you so competently do.


You all are some of the nicest people I’ve met in Mass. It’s always pleasant when I go there. And thank you Dr. Hricko for doing such nice work and being really awesome. I would recommend you in an instant! I am very appreciative of you and very lucky to have found you.


I found the seminar most informative. The office was private yet close to the hospital. I have more spring to my step after liposuction. I felt firmer all over and my clothes fit better.


Some people notice and say my nose looks great. Others look and compliment me but are not sure what I have had done. All reactions are favorable.


Sclerotherapy (vein removal) has given me more confidence to put shorts back on in the summer and not feel like I have old lady legs.


Skin Fitness Program
Thank you all for the help you gave me, to make me feel and look better. You have all been a part of my life for such a long time. I feel deeply dedicated to you all!


Skin Fitness Program
The Skin program has had excellent results for my face…everyone tells me what beautiful skin I have and how young I look.


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