Does hair grow back thicker after epilating?

Does hair grow back thicker after epilating?

Many people often believe that epilating body hair will make them grow thicker and harder. But is this really true? Does hair grow back thicker after epilating? Let’s find out the answer through this article.

Does epilation cause more hair growth?

Many people, especially women – still have an eternal belief that “do not be foolish to epilating because they grow thicker and darker”. But is this belief really true? Because we know there are countless truths that seem to be extremely natural, even spoken daily but in reality that is not true.

We all know that, by puberty, hair begins to grow strongly. So women will work hard to remove hair for hairy legs, arms or men will shave more. And then the legendary advice was transmitted – After epilating their hair, they will grow thicker, blacker, so do not be foolish to do that.

According to many dermatologists, said: “Women wax their legs very often. If the legs hair grows thicker each time, soon they will turn into gorillas.” To find out the answer to this question, experts have conducted many studies.

They found that after shaving or epilating, they actually grew thicker and darker. However, the reason behind this phenomenon is hormonal fluctuations during puberty. When hormones increase, they affect the thickness of the hair and many other factors.

Also, the fact that you feel your hair is darker and harder is due to the feeling of being deceived. Specifically, the hairs made up of horny protein protrude from the body and they taper at each end. When you shave or epilate them, you might cut hairs in the middle.

Therefore, this place will form a sharp and rough surface when touched. Therefore, you will have a harder feeling every time you touch it.

Why you should use the epilator for removal hair

1. Smooth skin for at least 2 weeks

The hair is removed from the root so it will take longer to regrow. A hairless skin will last for at least 2 weeks and can be up to 1 month depending on each person. You will enjoy a vacation without worrying that your hair will grow back thicker quickly.

Especially in the winter, you don’t need to shave or do anything within a month. Even if the hair grows back, the hair is thinner, so your skin will be quite smooth.

2. The hair regrowth will be thinner and less

Although once a month, the hair color is not as black as before and if it is at a distance, it is difficult to pay attention. Many of the epilator’s users said that their hair used to be very black, rough and hard from the root.

But later, after using the epilator, they realized, after a few months, the hair grew but it was not as black and think as before.

How to use epilator properly and effectively

Epilation will bring better results than shaving and also does not cost you too much money as wax or laser hair removal. It’s undeniable that the epilator does very well at rooting, but the big problem is the discomfort it will bring.

But if you still want to try the epilator, please read the following tutorial. There is no way to get rid of the pain completely, because it removes the hair from the bottom of your skin, thus slowing down the hair growth a few weeks later.

It is like using multiple tweezers at the same time. So, accept the pain when you start using the epilator! Once your skin is accustomed to epilating, there will be no more pain. You will have hairless legs, hairless armpits, and bikini area. And the great thing is you don’t have to do it every day

Tip 1: Choose a good epilator

It seems to say a little superfluous! We are talking about using an epilator, of course, choosing a good machine is a very wise thing. Consider this a worthwhile investment, because if you choose a machine of poor quality you will see more harm than good! Trust me!

Before buying the epilator, write down the areas where you will use it. This will help you choose the right machine and help you determine whether to buy machines that have dedicated heads for the wing area or not. Because the design of the epilator will work best on the legs and arms, where there is a certain flat surface.

Tip 2: Shave hair 1 – 3 days before epilating

Shaving before using the epilator sounds a bit redundant but listen to me! The epilator works better and is more effective for short hairs.

This will take your time but then the result will make you surprise! Shaving removes long hairs that will cause more pain when epilating. A few days after shaving, the hair will regrow a little to help the epilation process work well.

Tip 3: Exfoliate

Experts say that exfoliating is a necessary step to prevent ingrown hairs.

The exfoliation process removes dead skin cells, unwanted dirt and cleanses clogged pores, which might contribute to ingrown hairs. You have a multitude of ways to exfoliate – scrub, use loofah, gloves or even a dry towel at will and depending on your budget.

Tip 4: Epilation at night

The best time for epilation is at night. Not for scientific reasons. But because your skin will get irritated a little bit, after epilating, it will turn red, so your skin needs time to recover as normal and night time is best.

So if you don’t wear long jeans but wear a skirt to work, it is not a good idea to epilate during the day! Plus, the night is the time when you’ll feel more comfortable, so you’ll suffer the epilating better.

Wrapping up

Does hair grow back thicker after epilating? – Absolutely NO. Finally, hair removal is not something you can do in a hurry. Epilating takes more of your time than shaving. Normal two-leg hair removal will take about 30 minutes (and more if you’re just starting out).

So add it as a serious task to your schedule and spend 30 to 1 hour on it!



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