Policies and Procedures


Every patient is scheduled for a private and thorough consultation as the initial step in his or her consideration of cosmetic surgery. With the assistance of the Patient Care Coordinator, you will: investigate the procedure; see results of patients who have undergone the same or similar procedures in “before and after” albums; and discuss any initial questions you may have. The consultation provides an opportunity to explore your options and discuss your procedure in detail.

Dr. Hricko uses color photography to evaluate your attributes so that you and he can jointly decide on the most beneficial treatment. These photographs become a confidential part of your medical record. They are helpful in planning the surgical procedures and become a part of a “before and after” comparison for you and the doctor. We encourage you to ask questions during your consultation to ensure you have explored all avenues before a final decision is made.

A consultation is required to receive an accurate quote for the procedure you are considering. In order to answer all of your questions and get a true sense of your desired outcome and the goals you would like to achieve, a thorough consultation will usually take about an hour. A $95 consultation fee is assessed at this time. The consultation fee will be deducted from the procedure you choose, whether it is surgical or non-surgical.

You will receive complete pre-surgical instructions prior to your procedure, and we will see you shortly before surgery to answer any last minute questions you may have. Creating a positive, confident frame of mind is important to us.

Post-op instructions you need to follow after your procedure and recovery time will be discussed prior to surgery. Our competent staff is always on hand to answer further questions that may arise. Any standard follow-up visits are included in the initial fee for surgery, so there are usually no additional fees after your surgery.

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