Thinking About A Facelift?

Even with the rise noninvasive options, Facelifts have continued to gain in popularity. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were over 28 percent more Facelifts in 2015 than in 1997 (BEFORE Botox). This procedure can improve help redefine the original bone structure of your face that can be lost over time as a result of the aging process and with a fresher, younger look. With today’s advances in Facelifts surgeons can now lift and reposition underlying muscles and not just simply pull back and cutting away lax skin. This can help achieve far more natural-looking results while minimizing scarring and downtime.

This procedure rejuvenates the aging face, especially in the cheek and jowl areas, as well as redefines the neck and jaw line where excess skin and fat can settle over time. Usually involving a small incisions made along the hairline, which extend around the ears to the lower scalp. Performed by a skilled surgeon, scarring will be minimal and well hidden; they may even appear to be natural lines around the face.

To ensure the most optimal result find a board certified plastic surgeon that will evaluate the many variables such as bone structure, skin elasticity, and the effects of aging and other factors. A Facelift can also be with other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid or forehead surgery, or nose reshaping surgery.

Recovery is dependent on the individual, but most patients are back to work within 2 weeks. More strenuous activity is limited for 4-6 weeks. Bruising can last from 2-3 weeks and sun exposure should be limited. Healing is one of the most important aspects to good results you should be invested in taking care of yourself throughout the healing process. Do not try going through this alone. Have a friend or spouse that will be dedicated to helping you through the recovery period. Always consult with your plastic surgeon on whether or not it is safe to return to work.
Though it might be a while before you see the amazing results of your facelift, you will ultimately enjoy your more youthful face. We encourage you to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Hricko to define your needs and help you to optimize your ideal look.

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