Why Now is a Perfect Time to Schedule your Cosmetic Procedure

Now that it is back-to-school time, say goodbye to summer and hello to a new you! You spent all summer taking care of your kids, now it’s your turn. Your house is a probably a lot quieter and your days are a little more open. If you have been considering undergoing any type of plastic surgery, back-to-school season along with the extra peace and quiet, is the perfect time to plan your surgery.

One of the most common questions asked during a consultation for plastic surgery is; “when is the best time to have my procedure done?” One thing that rings true for most is that summer tends to be a less than ideal time of year to pursue elective surgery. Now that summer has passed this might just be the perfect time for you to start planning your surgery.

Most plastic surgery patients are fully recovered two weeks after surgery. During this time, you will need to avoid strenuous physical activity such as exercising and anything that involves heavy lifting. You also need to get as much rest as possible during the initial phase of recovery. Having the kids back in school gives you the opportunity to sleep and rest during the day, two key factors in a successful recovery.

Just in time for the holidays. Another benefit of having a procedure done during the fall is to allow for full recovery before all of the holiday festivities and family gatherings. The back-to-school season is quickly followed by the holiday season, a time that keeps many hard-working mothers preoccupied and busy. This is another reason why the fall season is the perfect time for a cosmetic procedure. With the initial recovery period occurring the first week after any procedure, your body will need several months to completely heal. For example, if you choose to have a breast augmentation, it will take several months for your implants to settle into a lower, more natural position. Also, it takes at least six months for scars at your incision sites.
Additionally, the weather start to cool off during the fall months, allowing more clothing options to hiding swelling, bruising and compression garments. Wearing long sleeves and pants won’t look out of place this time of year. By having a cosmetic procedure now, you will have ample time to properly heal just in time for the holidays.

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