Breast Augmentation With Lift: Two Birds With One Stone

shutterstock_108309083Many women are interested in the breast augmentation-breast lift combination procedure following pregnancy and breast feeding. For many years, the common contention was that breast feeding is a contributor to breast sagging, volume loss and misshapen breasts. However, a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky showed otherwise.

The study reviewed the medical records of women that underwent the breast augmentation or the breast lift procedure from 1998 to 2006. Of over 130 women, 93% had at least one pregnancy and 58% breast fed. The results of the study demonstrated that there was no difference in the degree of breast sagginess among women who breast fed and those who did not. However, the review of the records drew other conclusions about the factors that contribute to breast sagging. This includes factors that have been commonly known to contribute to breast changes and some of which that can change with lifestyle changes.

Weight Fluctuations: Changes in weight increase the risk for breast sagging. Breast skin stretches with weight gain. Breast skin may not fully retract with weight loss. The result is breast sagginess.

Number of Pregnancies: Similar to weight fluctuations, repeat pregnancies may continually increase and reduce breast size. This can contribute to breast sagginess.

Cigarette Smoking: Cigarette smoking inhibits the delivery of oxygen to the body and breaks down elastin, a protein in the body that keeps skin tight, smooth and flexible.

Age: As women age, breasts change. The consistency of breast tissue and glandular fat may change. The condition of the skin may change. In addition, the body does not contain as much elastin. These combinations affect skin elasticity. Skin that is not elastic is prone to sagging.

In summation, the old adage that breast feeding is a reason for breast augmentation and breast lift no longer applies. This is true from the perspective of saggy breasts. This is also true from the prospective of misshapen breasts. By the same token, both breast augmentation and breast lift provide a high satisfaction level among women for the treatment of breast sagginess and misshapen breasts.

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